Laertes (Caria) 4 Gözüküçüklü - Λαέρτης

Λαέρτης - Laertes, Roman settlement with anchorage and inland fortress near Gözüküçüklü, Turkey

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Settled down on skirt of Cebel-i Reis mountain elevating at the entrance of Dim valley on Taurus Mountains, about 25 km away from Alanya. The nearest village is Gözüküçük.In the border of the region known as Mountainous Kilikya Region in the ancient times. Strabon mentions the town as having a harbour and being established on a hill in chest shape. The important ruins of the town remaining at present are observatory towers, Caracalla exedra, an Odeon or theatre, Zeus Megistos temple, Apollo temple, Caesar temple, an agora, a bath and a necropolis. Non-existence of ruins from the Hellenistic times is due to the fact that the town was under control of pirates during then and therefore improvement was not made sufficiently. Inscription dating the town from the 6th century BC in Phoenician language and found in the town is exhibited in the Alanya museum. Other important art discovered in the town is a "diploma of a Roman soldier" being exhibited in the Alanya Museum, which gives information about military aspect of the town. The ruins are dated from the Roman period.,114121/laertes.html


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