Viglafia tower (Lakonia) Viglafia - Βιγκλάφια

Viglafia, base of substantial tower, possibly pyramidal, W of Viglafia, Lakonia
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Latitude: 36.529650
Longitude: 22.976540
Confidence: High

Place ID: 365230FVig
Time period: CH
Region: Peloponnese
Country: Greece
Department: Lakonia
Mod: Viglafia

Modern Description: Square structure, a few ashlars remain, surrounded by a square ditch (created by quarrying) on cliff above sheepfold 900 m W of Viglafia village and 270 m. N of the road. Possibly a farm tower? Col. Leake wrote: "On the summit of the cliff, a little beyond the highest of the excavations just mentioned, at a point where the cliff is quite perpendicular, and all around formed into caverns, I find the ruin of an ancient pyramid. It is now only a heap of large rectangular masses, with some few of the interior stones in their places; round it, on three sides, a ditch has been cut in the rock, about twenty feet broad, four feet deep in the deepest parts, and forming a square on the outside, of twenty-four yards. The fourth side of the pyramid, standing on the edge of the cliff, had no ditch. It is very possible that this monument may be the tomb of Cinadus, the pilot of Menelaus, and that the Hellenic vestiges which I first observed, are those of the Athenaeum of Agamemnon, which was already a ruin in the time of Pausanias." Morea I. 508.

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