Charadros (Cilicia) 6 Yakacik - Χάραδρος

Χάραδρος - Charadros, Classical to Roman port town of Cilicia, the modern Kaledran bay, Turkey

Modern description Princeton Encyclopedia

Site in Cilicia Aspera, 25 km W of Anamur. Recorded as a city with harbor by Pseudo-Skylax in the 4th c. B.C., later a station under a Ptolemaic hegemon. It is mentioned in the Stadiasmus as a chorion, and about A.D. 200 as a harbor of Lamos; probably the region rather than the city (IGR III, 838). Virtually nothing remains of the city apart from some scattered blocks among the houses and a milestone of A.D. 137. (G. E. BEAN)


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