Kisamos Kalami (Chania) 1 Kalami - Κίσαμος

Κίσαμος - Kisamos?, Hellenistic to Roman settlement near Kalami in Chania Crete

Modern description Princeton Encyclopedia

The existence of two cities of this name on the N coast of Crete on either side of Kydonia is proved by the Peutinger Table, which mentions both and puts this one 8 miles E of Kydonia. This one must be the Kisamos referred to by Strabo (10.4.13) as the harbor of Aptera. Although it is usually located at or close to Kalyves, 4.5 km E-SE of Aptera, where Roman and later sherds have been found, a strong case has now been made for locating it at Kalami, on the coast by the former Fort Izzedin, immediately below Aptera and just inside (W of) the now sunken porporella (the Venetian harbor defense mole). Kalami is 8 miles (12.8 km) from Kydonia, nearer to Aptera than Kalyves and more sheltered, and has house foundations, traces of quays, and Classical as well as Roman sherds. A dependency of Aptera, the city had no history of its own. (The Kalyves site may be ancient Tanos.) (D. J. BLACKMAN)


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