Aphrodision (Cyprus) 3 NW Akanthou - Αφροδίσιον

Ἀφροδίσιον - Aphrodision, settlement near NW Akanthou in Famagusta, Cyprus, Hellenistic to Late Antique.

Modern description Princeton Encyclopedia

On the N coast 38 km E of Kerynia. The ruins of a small town identified with Aphrodision lie by the shore at the locality Liastrika, due N of Akanthou village. The ruins cover the fields inland as well as a headland which separates two bays. On the W side of the headland is a perfectly shaped horseshoe bay, which may have served as a harbor.
Nothing is known of the founding of the town or of its history but it is mentioned by Strabo (14.682) and by Ptolemy (5.14.4). The reading Uppridissa equated with Aphrodision on the prism of Esarhaddon (673-672 B.C.) is not to be trusted. The worship of Hera in the 2d c. B.C. is attested by a recently discovered inscription. Aphrodision seems to have flourished from Hellenistic to Early Byzantine times, when it was gradually abandoned after the first Arab raids of A.D. 647. The town site is now a field of ruins under cultivation and it is so far unexcavated. (K. NICOLAOU)


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