Sybrita (Rethymno) 7 Thronos - Σύβριτα

Σύβριτα - Sybrita, Archaic to Late Antique polis near Thronos in Rethymno Crete

Modern description Archaeological Atlas of the Aegean

In the vicinity of the present village of Thronos Amariou. Scanty remains of Late Minoan age (1400-1100 BC). An acropolis and defensive wall of Classical and Hellenistic times. A Geometric settlement. Cemeteries near the village of Aghia Photeini. Remains of thermae and Roman buildings with mosaic floors, in the village.
At Thronos, on the site of the Postbyzantine church of the Virgin, an Early Christian three-aisled basilica with remains of mosaic floors (5th century). At the site of Marmara, remains of an Early Christian basilica with mosaic floors.


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