Lyktos/Lyttos (Crete) 54 Xidas - Λύττος

Λύττος - Lyktos/Lyttos, Archaic to Late Antique polis near Xidas in Irakleio Crete
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Latitude: 35.208100
Longitude: 25.368200
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Greek name: Λύττος
Place ID: 352254PLyk
Time period: ACHRL
Region: Crete
Country: Greece
Department: Irakleio
Mod: Xidas

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Modern Description: To the NE of the modern village of Lyttos (Xidas) are ancient analemmata and walls. Ruins of a cistern and a porticoed building of Hellenistic-Roman times near the Postbyzantine church of Saint George.
Beneath this church are mosaic floors from an Early Christian basilica. An Early Christian basilica on the site of the church of the Holy Cross (Timios Stavros), which stands in the ancient agora of Lyctus. Building phases of the Early Christian period on the acropolis of Lyctus, where a circular tower, probably of this period, survives.

Info: Archaeological Atlas of the Aegean

(Archaeological Atlas of the Aegean, Ministry of the Aegean)

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