Idaion cave (Crete) 12 Idaion Antron - Ιδαίον άντρον

Ἰδαῖον ἄντρον - Idaion cave, legendary birthplace of Zeus, in Rethymno prefecture of Crete
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Latitude: 35.208300
Longitude: 24.829600
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Greek name: Ἰδαῖον ἄντρον
Place ID: 352248CIda
Time period: ACHR
Region: Crete
Country: Greece
Department: Rethymnis
Mod: Idaion Antron

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Read summary reports on the recent excavations at Idaion cave in Chronique des fouilles en ligne – Archaeology in Greece Online.
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Modern Description: A cave on the E slope of the Ida (Psiloreitis) mountain range, where, according to tradition, Zeus is believed to have been born and brought up. Considered sacred since Minoan times (3rd-2nd millennium BC). Mysteries were celebrated in its interior and pilgrims left their votive offerings (weapons, clay plaques, tools, jewellery), recovered in hundreds in the excavations.
Possible cult of the Daktyloi-Kouretes, whose mythological association with early metallurgy seems to have developed here. Right outside the mouth of the cave, to the S, is a rock-cut altar. The finds, dating from Minoan into Roman times, are housed in the Herakleion Archaeological Museum and the National Archaeological Museum, Athens.
Wikidata ID: Q935991
Trismegistos Geo: 33283

Info: Archaeological Atlas of the Aegean

(Archaeological Atlas of the Aegean, Ministry of the Aegean)

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