Theodosiopolis/Tebtunis (Egypt) Ezbet Adam Ghaleb

Theodosiopolis/Tebtunis, Ptolemaic/Roman town of Fayum with major papyrus finds, Tel Umm el Baraqat, Egypt
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Latitude: 29.107200
Longitude: 30.760900
Confidence: High

Place ID: 291308UTeb
Time period: RL
Region: Egypt
Country: Egypt
Mod: Ezbet Adam Ghaleb

- Pleiades

Modern Description: Umm el-Baragat (other spellings include Borigat, Burigat, Briegat) is the name for the modern village close to the ancient town site of Tebtunis, situated at the southern edge of the Faiyum, about one hour’s drive from Medinet el-Faiyum.
Wikidata ID: Q1500580

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