Herakleopolis (Egypt) 14 Ihnasya el-Medina - Ηρακλεούπολις

Ἡρακλεούπολις - Herakleopolis, Herakleopolis (also called Herakleopolis Magna), was the captial of the Twentieth nome of Egypt.
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Latitude: 29.085500
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Greek name: Ἡρακλεούπολις
Place ID: 290309UHer
Time period: BHR
Region: Egypt
Country: Egypt
Mod: Ihnasya el-Medina

- Pleiades

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Modern Description: The first person to undertake an extensive excavation at Herakleopolis was the Swiss Egyptologist Edouard Naville. After excavating what he believed to be the entirety of the Temple of Heryshef, Naville came to the conclusion that he had found all that Herakleopolis had to offer. His friend Sir Flinders Petrie, on the other hand, “...in 1879 suspected that the region already cleared was only a part of the temple,” and thus Herakleopolis (or Ehnasya as he called it, a name harking back to the site's period of Roman occupation) had much left to be unearthed. Petrie completed the excavation of the temple of Heryshef and previously unknown features such as house remains from the Roman period and nother temple that he attributed to the 19th Dynasty, as well as additions to the Temple of Heryshef associated with Ramses the Great. There have been several more recent excavations that also increased knowledge of the site. During the 1980s, a Spanish team conducted excavations and uncovered such artefacts as a libation altar and a pair of decorated eyes presumably from a statue, all attributed with a temple dated to the Third Intermediate Period. A Spanish team also conducted excavations as late as 2016. (Wikipedia)
Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Heracleopolis_Magna
Wikidata ID: Q249480
Trismegistos Geo: 801

Info: Wikipedia.org


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