Artemis Brauronia sanct. (Attica) 34 Brauron - Βραυρωνία η Άρτεμις

Βραυρωνία ἡ Ἄρτεμις - Artemis Brauronia T., Important sanctuary of Artemis at Vravrona, Attiki

Modern description Archaeological Atlas of the Aegean

A settlement founded on the acropolis in the Late Neolithic period (5th millennium BC) was inhabited continuously until Mycenaean times (2nd millennium BC). Extensive cemeteries of Mycenaean chamber tombs (1400-1200 BC) on the surrounding hills.
Situated on the estuary of the Erasinus torrent is the sanctuary of Artemis Brauronia, which was abandoned due to flooding in the 3rd century BC. The sanctuary's existence goes back to Geometric times (10th-8th century BC) but the first temple was built in the Archaic period (7th-6th century BC). The ruins visible today are of the Classical Doric temple (early 5th century BC), built on top of a strong, stepped retaining wall. Close to the temple, in the bedrock, the foundations of a small building, considered to be the tomb of Iphigeneia, were found. The large Ð-shaped stoa was constructed in the last quarter of the 5th century BC. Nowadays restored, it has been identified as the 'Amphipoleion', that is the lodgings of the little girls (known as Arktoi, Ἄñêôïé, lit. bears) who served in the sanctuary. At the entrance to the site are remains of a stone bridge on piers.
Representative ex-votos from the sanctuary (statues, figurines, relief plaques, vases) are exhibited in the local archaeological museum, as well as finds from the Mycenaean cemeteries at Perati and Chamolia, and the Geometric cemeteries at Merenda and Anavyssos.
In the area there are ruins of an Early Christian three-aisled basilica with a small round baptistery (5th century). The rich decoration includes marble floors, walls with colourful painted imitation marble revetment, remains of a marble dado in the baptistery.


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