Explore the world of the ancient Greeks

Mapping 1200 years of Greek literature to the cities they founded, the peoples they encountered, and the monuments they left behind, from Spain to India.

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Explore the riddles of Europe’s ancient literary culture

The texts that shaped western thought and aspiration, together in one platform.

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Ancient Civilization at your fingertips!

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The history, mythology, and literature of Greece, taken up by the Roman Empire, shaped the development of European and American culture. ToposText is a free tool, a mobile app and website, for going back to the primary sources and historic roots of western civilization, and in particular a tool for students and travelers eager to experience the ancient world through its surviving texts.

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Our Places

6986 mapped historic places and archaeological sites from Spain to India, attested by 257,000 ancient references, many with descriptions and links to Wikipedia/Wikidata, Pleiades, Archaeology in Greece, and other sources. 250 monuments in Athens, 209 in Rome.

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Our Texts

809 ancient texts in clean digital form, all the key surviving works of history, mythology, and geography, some of them online in English for the first time, with links to the Greek or Latin.

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Our People

An index of 15,694 proper names – people, gods, festivals, animals, artworks – attested by 404,800 ancient references and linked where possible to Wikipedia and/or Wikidata.

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A huge library of ancient texts married to a detailed gazetteer, available on this web site and as a free mobile application for iOS and Android smart phones and tablets.

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Education / Reference tool for Greek civilization

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The largest, most diverse set of ancient texts in English on the web, indexed to offer the primary sources for almost any ancient place or personality a highly detailed archaeological site map for Greece.

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Accurate coordinates for thousands of Greek historical sites

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Each site indexed to the ancient literary sources that mention it.

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A huge, free, portable library of classical texts in English

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Texts and places stored on-device – no internet access necessary.

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Location-aware display of site information.

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Recent archaeological information on many sites.

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Our Partners

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ToposText is made possible by the creativity and hard work of dozens of people and organizations that have made high-quality information available for public use. In addition to our sponsor, the Aikaterini Laskaridis Foundation in Piraeus, with its Travelogues project and other treasures, we network with the following resources for ancient languages, literature, history, archaeology, and ancient topography:


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