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Welcome to ToposText!

Through the generosity of the Laskaridis Foundation you have the opportunity to share in a labor of love, a thank-offering to Greece, a tool for finding connections between Classical literature and the landscapes that inspired it.

A much more capable version of ToposText.org went live on December 4.

Improvements include:

  • Customized website architecture allowing faster, smoother use, including on mobile devices.
  • Indexed personal names: find those obscure references to a favorite philosopher.
  • Fast, powerful searching and filtering of texts and places.
  • Better navigation between indexed places and ancient texts.
  • A considerably expanded database of texts, including Roman authors with information on Greek mythology and religion.
  • Many new places, broadening ToposText's reach into Italy and the southeastern Mediterranean.
  • Modern descriptions for sites in Greece.
  • Links to original Greek and Latin texts and to ancient inscriptions.